Aircraft Emergency Lands On PLUS Highway

Aircraft Emergency Lands On PLUS Highway
Nov 23, 2020
11:55 am


On 22 November, a light aircraft had made an emergency landing on the PLUS highway near Sedenak, Kulai due to a technical issue with the aircraft.

At 10:55am, the Senai Air Traffic Control (ATC) had notified the PLUS Traffic Monitoring Centre (TMC) that an aircraft had gone missing from the radar and had requested to monitor their highway.

“At 10:56am, TMC received a call from highway customers notifying a light aircraft was sighted on the highway at KM47.8 (South Bound) and they immediately despatched a PLUSRonda team to assist. At the same time, the Fire and Rescue Department and police were also notified for further action” it said.



Upon arrival, PLUSRonda had aided in managing the traffic flow along providing a temporary safe zone for the aircraft with the help of the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM) and the police.


Image via Bernama


Kulai district police chief Supt Tok Beng Yeow had said the light aircraft with the two pilots had made an emergency landing on the highway as they were conducting a routine flight in order to fulfil their flight records. The two Singaporean pilots, Dr Yang Kuang Ying, 52 and co-pilot Saleehullah Abdul Majid, 41, were unhurt in the incident.

The chief executive officer Captain Chester Voo of the Civil Avaiation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM) explained that the pilots had requested to turn back to Senai International Airport in Johor Bahru due to the technical issue at 10.40am.

A full investigation will be conducted by the Transport Ministry’s Air Accident Investigation Bureau.



Credits to SoyaCincau and The Rakyat Post for the initial coverage.

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