The 5 Emotional Stages of Returning to College (or Work)

The 5 Emotional Stages of Returning to College (or Work)
Sep 6, 2017
2:34 pm

After a long summer break, going back to college no doubt feels like a marathon which you are completely unprepared for. Like it or not, there’s always these few stages every student goes through when the holidays are over.

1. FEAR - We all dread the moment we have to step back inside a classroom. We feel reluctant to part with the holidays and start re-thinking whether we really need an education.

2. EXCITEMENT – The only reason why we look forward to going back college is probably because of our friends. You miss the crazy times you had with them and can’t wait to have them again!

3. REALITY – It’s when you get your schedule that reality kicks in: you have three 8am consecutive classes in a row. On top of that, your lecturer starts handing out assignments and you remember why you hate group work so much: PEOPLE.

4. CONFRONTATION – How did I get two presentations, three essays and a group project to all be due in the same week?! At this point you start wondering if the lecturers are secretly conspiring against students to make the worst happen.

5. ACCEPTANCE - After a few months of survival, you finally accept your plight and start adjusting to life as normal. College life is less than perfect, but it’ll do. At least, till the next onslaught of assignments.

It’s pretty much like the cycle of life, you go through it whether you like it or not. The only thing that matters is how you decide to respond to it, you find your own motivation and goals, and work towards it. Every little bit helps. It’s the little things in life that counts, right?

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