Sep 6, 2017
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An aspiring singer songwriter of 20, Amrita turned to music to drift out of the chaos of her life and create some sanity in her life. An introverted daydreamer, she prefers to sing to express her thoughts opposed to speaking her mind out directly. Whilst covering popular country songs and writing occasionally in her blog, she also writes her own original songs and has launched her first EP album titled “Clues.” She also hosts her own open mic called “Treehouse Open Mic” at The Gourmet, USJ 10 Taipan where she encourages everyone and anyone that enjoys singing to sign up.



Also known as “The Barefoot Mucisian” (which stems from his habit of performing barefoot)Christian Brabon Palencia is the younger brother to popular jazz musician, Mia Palencia. Currently 23 years old, his genre is labelled as ‘storyteller music’, the kind of music which takes us to the deepest part of our minds we dared not explored before and opens a new leeway of understanding in our brains. Whether you are feeling stressed or down, his music is sure to put your mind at ease and relax. He has also released his debut EP ‘Adrenaline’ and has played at several countries overseas such as Tasmania and Melbourne.



Originally from Penang, Zee first started writing and performing back in 2012. He aims to create music that can tell the stories of the emotions of the beholder. He constantly tries to connect his raw emotions to the song and project them as honestly as he can to the audience.  His preference for intense tunes and instrumental metal pieces makes him a powerful storyteller of raw and burning emotion.



Sort of a long-time veteran, Seven Collar Tshirt has been in the music scene for more than ten years, making it one of Malaysia’s most established local bands. From post-grunge to depressing tunes of soulful rock, this band has lived its early years with different alternatives of rock depicting their present situation and life. Now, approaching into adulthood, the band settles for a moodier tune set with darker lyrics and soft crooning that replaces the excited energy from before. However, this doesn’t mean they are ready to burn out so soon, as proved with the release of their third album, ‘The Great Battle’. The energy is still there and burning, albeit a mellower tone than before.



Fairly new to the local scene, AMOURA was formed three years ago and have recently launched their EP, which was well-received. Their lead vocalist, Carolyn Park is a born-and-bred Korean, however, her strong vocals and harmony with her band members allows them to create musically stimulating pieces.  Defined as four guys and one loud chick, AMOURA brings a new musical experience with Korean vocals combined with Malaysian punk-and-rock style tunes. 

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