Scammers Run Maybank iPhone 12 Max Giveaway

Scammers Run Maybank iPhone 12 Max Giveaway
Dec 29, 2020
12:14 pm

It seems that 2020 has been a year of scams. This time around, the scammers are running a fake Maybank2U ad which allegedly promises an iPhone 12 Pro Max giveaway with additional cash prizes in conjunction of its new year giveaway.

The ad is crafted so well that it may be convincing to those who don’t pay attention to the details around as its objective is to obtain your username, password and your TAC number.

The fake ad is spotted to have run the ads on a fake Maybank2U Facebook Page. Maybank’s official page is “Maybank” and has a verified blue tick.


If you click on the ad, it leads to a fake website which is and has a similar interphase as the current Maybank2u website. Users are advised to check the URL before keying in your details.

Image via SoyaCincau


The fake website will always display the same security image and will not inform you if you keyed in the wrong password. Unlike the authentic website, it will show the selected security image and phrase as set by you.


Maybank has also issued a reminder to customers to be vigilant with the suspicious links shared via social media and messages.

Examples of fake Maybank promotions

Image via SoyaCincau


Image via SoyaCincau


Facebook has an attitude when it comes to approving ads by newly created pages and they have also been accused of not doing enough to protect users over misinformation which includes the approval of scam ads as they make money via that source.

If you happen to find these kinds of ads, do report the ad and page associated with it.

To our readers, be careful with what you see and click on social media as you could be the next victim of a scam!




Credits to SoyaCincau for the initial coverage.

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