Star Wars: Episode IX Delayed!

Star Wars: Episode IX Delayed!
Mitchell Wong
on Chill
Sep 13, 2017
3:02 pm

No it's not clickbait, I'm equally disappointed about the news! Guess I gotta re-watch all 8 movies again before catching with this new release. Please no more delays!!

Director Colin Trevorrow is OUT - hence the delay. According reports by Walt Disney Co. on Tuesday, Colin who was due to write and direct the 9th installment of the Star Wars franchise, has apparently "lost his way" in terms of film direction. Maybe the Force was not strong with this one? Hmm, who knows...

The Force did indeed find another "Chosen One" to lead the way...with this guy...

Master Jedi JJ Abrams is back! He directed Star Wars: Episode 7 if you have forgotten... So with the him back onboard the franchise, Star Wars: Episode IX is said to be released on 20 December 2019 from its initially date May 2019. Maybe Christmas in 2019 will be exciting...hopefully.

Say what you want about JJ Abrams and his direction for the Star Wars franchise, but you gotta give this guy recognition that he did bring re-unite the original 1977 stars Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher (RIP Carrie..), and Mark Hamill!


Anyway do look forward to Rian Johnson's eight installment Star Wars: The Last Jedi that is being released this December! Oh please be good... May the Force be strong with this one, or else....

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