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RM 4,200 for iPhone X WAYYY too much??

RM 4,200 for iPhone X WAYYY too much??
Mitchell Wong
on Tech & Games
Sep 14, 2017
11:18 am

That's right! The iPhone X is now retailing at USD 999 (RM 4,200) for just the base model! WHUUTTTTT?! CRAZY RIGHT?! Talk about selling your kidney, your right arm, and even a leg!

This raises the question, "ARE YOU SERIOUS?!" Why so overpriced man?? So ask yourself before selling off your limbs and breaking your bank account... "Is it worth RM 4,200?!" "Can I pay less for a BETTER phone?" 

Other than that, it has also been said that the iPhone 8 is starting at USD 699 (RM 2,931) and the iPhone 8 Plus at USD 799 (RM 3,350). Oh by oh boy...haihh

Guess the only good thing that can be taken away from these new releases is that prices for the older iPhone models are going here are three options:

1. Settle for an older iPhone model that is still steady and usable.

2. Break your bank account and sell your limbs for something overpriced that would possibly be outdated in about a year..seeing as new iPhone models are released every year.

3. Be smart and go Android! This is my pick...but then again, I'm already an iPhone user hehe.

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