Impressive Malaysian Game Designer Banun Idris Worked on the Video Game “The Last of Us 2”

Impressive Malaysian Game Designer Banun Idris Worked on the Video Game “The Last of Us 2”

There is no doubt that Malaysia is blessed with a lot of talented youths who use their experiences to help and inspire others.

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One of them happens to be Banun Idris, a multitalented young lady with skills in performing arts, writing, graphic design, photography and currently, game design! (That is a lot of talent in one sentence wow).

Her recent big project was working on the popular video game sequel, “The Last of Us 2” under the company “Naughty Dog “. In case you guys didn’t know, they developed Crash Bandicoot and The Uncharted series!

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Interestingly enough, Banun never thought of becoming a game designer. According to an interview with World of Buzz, her initial plans for the future were very different. Not to mention she was also pursuing many different things at once.

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Before joining “Naughty Dog”, Banun was busy pursuing a law degree in UK in which she  graduated from it. Shortly after, she went to New York to train as an actress and even managed to perform on theatre before taking a huge leap to web development and software engineering. (That’s so impressive!).

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Unfortunately, her time in theatre was cut short due to a loss of a loved one so she decided to redirect her life towards another interest. She felt burned out by her usual career in theatre as a Directing Apprentice and felt the need for a change.

Her path towards working with “Naughty Dog” started when she randomly decided to whip out her PS4 and played “The Last Of Us”. She was blown away by the game’s popularity and graphics that she looked up the people behind the creative process and found out that the creative director is also a programmer and a writer.

She felt the calling to try something different which lead her to venture into programming. She was accepted in Google under their VR branch. While she was there, she slowly honed her skills which lead her into Google in San Francisco (unbelievable!).

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Although being accepted into Google was definitely something to be proud of, there was still a void in her life. She admits that she enjoys software engineering but theatre is still her main passion.

Without thinking too much, she sent out her resume to “Naughty Dog” just to try her luck and boy was luck was on her side when she was accepted into the prestigious company as a game designer and scripter.

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Despite her hard work and perseverance, she encountered many people who discouraged her from pursuing her passion (all the typical kepo relatives la, nothing new).

She shared that whenever anyone told her that her dream is unachievable, she will adjust accordingly and do what she feels is best for her.

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Banun is an extremely talented and inspiring individual who teaches us that achieving our dreams is attainable if we put our heart, mind, and soul into it. We should not let our passion be influenced by others and we should always believe in ourselves because after all, we know ourselves the best.



Credits to World of Buzz for the initial coverage.

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