School Teachers Put Up Banner, Claiming Their Principal Is “Mental”

School Teachers Put Up Banner, Claiming Their Principal Is “Mental”
Jan 19, 2021
12:57 pm

Lockdown has affected all Malaysians in different ways. But among all issues, our education is definitely the most affected as they had to get classes online. They have to cater to teachers with hectic schedules and students who tend to suffer from internet issues or lack of technology to use for their classes.

It was trending on social media as we ourselves think this was not the most professional way to exhibit this issue. The teaches of SMK BB Seri Petaling Jaya had erected a banner stating that their school principal is “mental”.

The twitter user Mustaqim (@Mxstaqim1) had posted on his twitter which has since gained over 16.5K retweets and 26K likes.



The banner reads:

“We the teachers of SMK BB Seri Petaling are requesting all relevant parties to IMMEDIATELY TRANSFER Pn Norwaja bt Nordini (Mental Principal) from this school to restore the school’s success and excellence.”

Ah yes, this reminds me of my high school days where we had this “mental” teacher called Cikgu Senyum… Yeah, not a good experience especially for those in the class he was in charge of.

Despite the negativity coming from the banner, lot of people called out in the comments for the unprofessionalism towards the person who put the banner up. Even a non-profit organization,  WOMEN:girls had shared on their Twitter about he incident and had praised Puan Norwaja as they worked with her before.



Of all people who picked up on this was our Malaysian singer-songwriter, Yuna! She had questioned the teachers or individual responsible for the banner.


Despite this, there were still negative feedback from netizens upon the teacher’s actions.


“For the students and ex-students, you can never know the drama that goes on between the teachers. If the teachers and staff are behaving like this, it means they’ve reached their limit.”


“Ex-students of the principal are praising her as a teacher of high calibre but try putting yourself in the other teachers’ shoes. Don’t just present your point as the student. If your circle consists solely of the students, your point of view is not broadened enough.”

We should appreciate the principal for trying their level best to help the school and teachers should talk directly to them if there is something dissatisfying them.

What do you think of the situation? Let us know below!




Credit to World Of Buzz for the initial coverage.

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