Thai Celebrity In Hot Water After Outrageous Claims Of Beauty Supplement

Thai Celebrity In Hot Water After Outrageous Claims Of Beauty Supplement

Thai TV celebrity Patcharasri “Karamare” Benjamach landed herself in hot water recently after making outrageous claims about a beauty supplement.

Before we get into the details, would you believe if a famous person says that a supplement will change the shape of your nose and eyelids as well as sharpen your features?

These claims were made by Patcharasri in a few videos shared online about a supplement called “Botera”. She even added that “Botera” is able to help people suffering from cancer and Covid-19.


On a more serious note, The Consumer Protection Division is set to interrogate the Thai celebrity on her false advertisement of health supplements after the Food And Drug Administration (FDA) filed a complaint on Monday (19 January 2021).

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Additionally, the FDA is seeking to have Patcharasri face charges for violating The Food’s Act Section 40 which forbids false and deceptive advertising of the quality, usefulness, or indications of a food supplement.

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In this case, the violator faces up to three years in prison of a fine up to Bt30,00 ($1328.20).

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Pro tip: Seek a nutritionist or a health care professional’s advice if you have any questions regarding health supplements or pharmaceutical products.



Credits to asiaone for the initial coverage.

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