QAnon Believers’ Hopes Ruined After President Joe Biden’s Inauguration

QAnon Believers’ Hopes Ruined After President Joe Biden’s Inauguration

Joe Biden’s inauguration on Wednesday marked a fresh new beginning for most Americans, welcoming a new history in the country’s presidency period.

However QAnon believers are not celebrating as they are too busy trying to process the fact that dear Donald Trump lost the battle.


For those who are not familiar, QAnon is a right-wing conspiracy theory as well as a popular hoax surrounding secret posts of an individual or group who claim to have access to Trump’s administration’s global fight against a secret political group.

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The supporters believe that a person or group eponymously known as ‘Q’, is posting messages in secret codes informing Trump’s supporters about a secret war against an ‘evil’ global political group involving members such as Hillary Clinton and billionaire George Soros. QAnons are waiting for a major event to take place which is the overthrowing of the ‘evil’ group and the imprisonment of it’s members (Sounds straight out of a lunatic asylum to me).



A huge number of QAnon groups took to Telegram and Gab (a famous social networking app for far-right extremists) to express their devastation and dissapointment as they watched Biden’s inauguration live together.

During the start of the ceremony, QAnon followers were pumped with members texting excitedly in a massive 185,000 member Gab group while others coursed through a 34,000-member Telegram channel.

However their hopes and dreams soon started to waver when Kamala Harris took her vice presidential oath of office at 11.45am. Reality started sinking slowly for the devoted Trump lovers.

Image via HuffPost


As noon arrived and Biden sworn in as the 46th president of the United States, QAnons everywhere had their hearts broken (There, there).

Image via HuffPost


Some followers reacted with extreme sadness as they pushed away family members due to their obsession with ‘Q’. Others did not lose faith and believe that they are able to go through this obstacle together.

At the moment, the future of this conspiracy theory remains unclear but many loyal supporters are not fazed by this defeat and vows to move forward.



Credits to HuffPost for the initial coverage.

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