New Shop Feature being Tested on YouTube

New Shop Feature being Tested on YouTube
Jan 25, 2021
2:11 pm

Looks like YouTube is joining their other social media friends, Instagram and Facebook, as they are aiming to add a shopping feature in their application. The shop feature is purposed for users to buy and sell products on their platform.

This makes a lot of sense cause some Youtubers have their own merchandise that fans can purchase.

“We’re testing a new way for people to easily discover and purchase products featured in YouTube videos,” commented YouTube on a thread.

How does the shopping feature work?

Youtube shared that viewers will see a shopping bag icon on the bottom left corner of the video, and they can click on the icon to check out what’s available.

Viewers can explore the products page to see more information as well as purchasing options for each product.


The new shopping feature will allow users to buy products via the application itself hence generating revenue for them in the process. The feature is currently being pilot tested with “a limited number of creators” in the United States

Also do take note that this new feature is only visible to users in the United States via Android, iOS and desktop. There has been no announcement on when the feature will roll out worldwide and when more creators can gain access to this.

A noteworthy feature that YouTube has been working on is hashtag usability where it is easier to discover content.

Image via Techcrunch


Unlike the usual home page of Youtube, when you luck on a hashtag, you’ll be led to a landing page which contains videos of that particular hashtag. You can also visit the landing page by typing the URL format of[yourterm] (e.g.,

Fortunately, as YouTube has been working to filter content appropriately, the hashtag pages wil not include controversial terms such as election conspiracy videos. These kind of videos were meant to be deleted completely by YouTube, but they have yet to be deleted.

Maybe as a content creator, you’ll be able to expand your audience easily now! Let us know what do you think of this new feature?




Credit to Soya Cincau for the initial coverage.

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