Japan Village Amazes Everyone With Their Paddy Art!

Japan Village Amazes Everyone With Their Paddy Art!

Japan is known for a lot of things such as their tourism, food, games and anime culture. But have you ever heard of Inakadate rice art?

If you haven’t, check out the images below!


Pretty cool right? Who would of thought that someone could make art using paddy plants!

The rice paddy art can be found in the Japanese town of Inakadate and the rice paddy art is held from early June to October.


What exactly is rice paddy art?

The rice paddy art or Tanbo Art, is created by sowing different types of rice which may result in an array of colors.

Inakadate Village in Japan is located in the middle of Aomori Prefecture. It was the first place to create ride paddy art and there are currently two locations in the village that is dedicated for the purpose of the art.

The history behind the art is back in 1993, this art was used to promote the local Tsugaru Otome rice brand and started when the staff of the village office suggested that it would be interesting not to only experience rice cultivation, such as rice planting and harvesting but also creating pictures using the different types of rice available.


How do they produce the art?

Initially, they used three different types of rice which had 3 colors and now they have 13 types of rice which varies in 7 different colors. Hence, creating a more realistic representation of people, their expressions, clothes and other things.

Every year, the design is changed with the art teacher from the village school lending a hand. It’s first drawn in perspective so the picture will not distort when viewed from an observation deck.

After deciding on a design, the varieties of rice are selected and put onto a blueprint. The positions that will serve as marks for planting the seedlings are determined and then marked by stakes following the completed blueprint.

Once that is finished, the seedlings are planted and all we do now is wait for the rice plant to mature. All the work here is done manually by the villagers too!

Photo via Live Japan


Watch the video here!


If you’re thinking to volunteer to help create this, you’ll need to reserve in advance!

Applications to participate can be made on the Inakadate Village website (English, Korean, and Chinese languages supported). Both are on a first-come, first-served basis, so if you are interested, early application is recommended.

Here’s some of past creations of the Inakadate Village rice paddy art!








Wanna visit the place? Check out the details below:


This is really cool ain’t it?! Makes me want to visit Japan in once the Covid-19 situation settles down. I wonder if Malaysia can recreate something like this?


What do you think of it? Let us know in the comments below!



Credit to Live Japan and Rojak Daily for the initial coverage.

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