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POP! goes the Pimple....

POP! goes the Pimple....
Mitchell Wong
on Food
Oct 13, 2017
12:03 pm

As the title would describe, there's this bakery in KL called The Cakescape that definitely knows how to create headlines with what many would deem as The Most Disgusting-Looking Cake Ever! No joke!

Those "pimples" aren't just for can literally POP all of 'em...

If you're one of those "weirdos" who are obsessed with Dr. Sandra Lee aka Dr Pimple Popper, this cake would be the perfect *ehem*...icing for your next birthday cake; would be a great prank for your friends!

Here's a video to fill your curious mind...

So yeah, hope that satisfies your curiousity...but this is definitely near #cringeworthy! However, if this is something that hits your sweetspot, hit up The Cakescape on Facebook! Click on the link right below and bon apetit!

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