YUMM!!! Roti Canai Goreng!

YUMM!!! Roti Canai Goreng!
Mitchell Wong
on Food Explore
Oct 13, 2017
12:58 pm


When you're a Malaysian student, roti canai and maggi goreng need no introductions. You go for the simplicity of "Ane, roti satu.." when your pockets are dry for the week, and "Maggi goreng + telur mata" when you have a bit more change to splurge. 

Ei.. yes that's splurging! Stuff are expensive in Malaysia....

These two are so yummy that it always leave us with an issue of choosing which do you want for the here's a crazy thought; what if one night, the roti canai and maggi goreng got busy in the kitchenn hmm???

Think no more! It happened! It got really "dirty and heated" in there.... and then the next day, its lovechild was birthed in the stove! Wanna see? 

Meet Roti Canai Jr...this is Roti Canai Goreng!!

Made by just slicing up the "dad" roti canai and tossing it into the fire with elements of the "mum" maggi goreng...toss here, toss there...fry here, fry there and ta-da!

Now you wanna try now doncha?? Well we would recomment Macha & Co. Banana Leaf Restaurant at The Curve, Nathan's Corner at OUG, Ram's Corner Mamak at Klang, al-Alif Bistro at Kota Kemuning, 868 Mamak at Serdang, and Seetharam at Brickfields. 

You can thank us after you've tried it. Before you do, YOU'RE WELCOME!

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