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Ed Sheeran Injured!

Ed Sheeran Injured!
Mitchell Wong
on Movies Entertainment
Oct 19, 2017
10:27 am

It's bad news I'm afraid... even more so for those of you who were lucky enough to strike the lottery with Ed Sheeran concert tickets in KL...

Ed Sheeran is the latest hot-topic talent that found his way into the Injured List... which only brings up the question - Will he be able to recover in time for his concert in KL on 14 November 2017 ???

Ed Sheeran shared this on his Instagram...

Apparently he had a bike-accident which led to an injured arm...not so good if you're guitarist eh? Nothing has been confirmed yet but there is a possibility that his concert in KL MAY BE postponed or cancelled...

So if you were one of those fans who lined up for days and hours...or even bought tickets from scalpers, I can imagine that you must be feeling like this.

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