Uncle Selling Fruits Left In Tears After Couple Buys All His Fruits.

Uncle Selling Fruits Left In Tears After Couple Buys All His Fruits.
Feb 23, 2021
12:09 pm


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Social media has been buzzing around as a video went viral of a pak cik who was in tears. No, this is not due to something very sad or someone doing him wrong.

A couple had bought all his fresh fruits from the man’s stall and it had touched the hearts of many.

Watch the video here

The video caption states that the man sells fresh-cut fruits at the Petron station near Masjid Tanah, Melaka and  Alina Farahin (the uploader) urged the public to help support the man.

“The uncle is strong and he’s standing there to finish selling his fruit. At his age, he shouldn’t be working but he has no choice.”

“I bought all the fruits as I wanted him to go home quickly and rest. He was very touched.”

“To anyone passing by the station, please stop by and buy the uncles fruits, it’s not expensive and at least it can help him.”

Image via Alina Farahin (Facebook)


According to an interview with SAYS, it was the husband of Alina who had spoke to the uncle and bought all his fruits.

Her husband had paid for all the fruits and also gave the uncle a bag of rice and other essential goods.

The uncle was in tears and he even walked away to control his emotions. As he packs up, the couple were leaving and had also waved goodbye to them.

Image via Alina Farahin (Facebook)


The comment sections also had someone who claimed to be the daughter of the uncle.

The daughter of the man revealed that she is based in Kuala Lumpur and can’t return due to the reinstatement of Movement Control Order (MCO).

She has not seen her father in a few months but always messages him and video calls him to check in on him. She says that she and her siblings does not let her father work, but he insists as he’s bored at home and by selling fruits, he is able to fill up his time. They even give him allowances every month.

She has now been allowed to bring her parents back to KL to stay with her as she is due to get married soon. With that, she thanked Alina for helping her father.

The video now has over 5.2K reactions and 23K shares.

The video has touched the hearts of many especially in the comment section.

"It automatically reminded me of my late father. Alhamdulillah. Prior to his passing six years ago, I told him to stop running his business and just rest at home," one Facebook user said, adding, "Every time I see a pak cik like him, it reminds me of my father. Wishing the pak cik good fortune and everything will be eased."

Image via Facebook


We hope that the uncle is doing well and hope that many Malaysians could follow in the footsteps in helping others when in need.



Credit to Says for the initial coverage.

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