Starlink Begins Pre-Order for Malaysian Customers

Starlink Begins Pre-Order for Malaysian Customers
Mar 1, 2021
10:50 am

Those in the city normally do not face issues with slow internet connection as we have providers such as TM Unifi, Maxis and even Time as some of the top providers for high-speed internet.

But have you ever had that feeling where when you travel back to your home town or kampung for the holidays and you realized you don’t have good internet connection there?


Well fear not as the famous Starlink has began accepting deposits form Malaysian customers for it’s 2022 roll out. Starlink is actually by the company SpaceX who is owned by none other than Elon Musk and they are also known for their interesting projects under their wings, especially with the self-landing rockets.


In the beginning, SpaceX had did a beta test for Starlink in the U.S and Canada in October 2020 and had opened up their testing to other countries. Now, Malaysians are able to pay a deposit for those interested in using Starlink in Malaysia. Starlink aims to provide internet connectivity via satellites in a low Earth orbit which can help those in rural areas.

Image via Lowyat


Although we can already put in a deposit, according to the email received, you won’t be getting the service anytime soon as it may still take a year or more before we can properly use it in Malaysia.



For SpaceX to provide Starlink connection, you’ll need to provide the vicinity of your home or location wanting to install it into their website.

Just to note, Starlink won’t just be in Kuala Lumpur as the peeps over at Lowyat had tested and also keyed in random addresses throughout Malaysia and it seems that the pre-order should be available.

Image via Lowyat


So, how much will it cost?

Well, for technology straight out of SpaceX, it will come at a cost. Their official website has stated that the deposit payment is USD99 (~RM401) and it is also refundable. The full kit price has not been revealed but is estimated to cost around US499 (~RM2,022) which is according to the price of it in the U.S without tax and shipping.

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That’s a lot of money to pay just for internet.

Image via Lowyat


Since the technology is still new, the speeds available on Starlink will be between 50MBPS to 150MBPS and users will have a latency range of 20ms to 40ms during the beta period. With he launches of more SpaceX satellites in the future, the speed will soon increase to at least 300mbps as stated in a tweet by Elon Musk.


In Malaysia, we have a similar internet service that runs off local satellites and it’s called Measat. But unlike the Starlink service, they only provide 20MBPS download speed and 1MBPS upload speed.

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There is no news on the monthly costing of Starlink but according to the U.S beta test, it will cost around USD99 (~RM401) to use Starlink. That is much higher than Measat who charges around RM198 to Rm298 per month.

Image via Observer


For now, I would not recommend Malaysians to pre-order Starlink for these specific reasons.

  • There is no operation and knowledge of Starlink and SpaceX operations in Malaysia.
  • We don’t know if the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission has approved of Starlink usage in Malaysia.
  • It's really expensive.

If there is no approval, there could be a chance of getting a hefty fine. Who knows?

To know more about Starlink, you can visit their official website here.

What do you think? Will you be ordering the service cause I don't think I will due to it being too expensive. Let us know in the comments if you have any thoughts on it ^^




Credit to Lowyat for the initial coverage.

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