Touch n Go Introduces PayDirect Support For Parking

Touch n Go Introduces PayDirect Support For Parking
Mar 2, 2021
1:34 pm

I’m sure everyone has been loving the fact that they can use E-Wallets now. It saves us time as all transactions are cashless and that it also offers rebaits at certain places!

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We also know that when you go out, parking is a hassle and we can sometimes misplace our ticket or don’t have any loose change to pay.

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Well its time for Touch ‘n Go app users to rejoice as PayDirect now features parking payment! Well… kinda. As of now, PayDirect Parking is only available at limited locations around Malaysia as of now. One of the few locations that has PayDirect available would be Gurney Paragon Mall in Penang.

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The mall is actually one of the first malls to have the feature available as revealed by TNG. But in reality, the feature has been tested in five different locations within the Klang Valley over the last few months.

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Some of the few locations in the Klang Valley was Complex C of the Federal Government Administrative Centre in Putrajaya as well as Republik Damansara Heights. PayDirect Parking is also available at Vortex KLCC, The Curve Mutiara Damansara and Empire Shopping Gallery in Subang Jaya.

PayDirect works exactly like the toll payments where it deducts directly from your eWallet upon usage. So, if you have a card registered to your app, then it will deduct the balance from your eWallet. If it has insufficient funds, it will deduct the funds from your card.

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Gurney Paragon Mall is now offering 20% cashback for those who use app. It will be capped at RM1 and the promotion will last till the 30th of April 2021 and only has a limited use for the first 10,000 customers.

The Chief Commercial Officer of TNG, Chong Fhui was also more than happy to point out that there is no parking surcharge for TNG users at Gurney Paragon Mall.

For more info, check out their official website for more details.




Credits to Lowyat for the initial coverage.

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