The Future Is Now: Apam Balik Stall in TTDI Accepts Bitcoin for Payment

The Future Is Now: Apam Balik Stall in TTDI Accepts Bitcoin for Payment

It is no surprise that the popularity of Bitcoin has only skyrocketed in the recent years. More and more people have now realized the pros of keeping bitcoins in terms of savings and investments.

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However, bitcoins are mostly not accepted as a payment option in most shops and restaurants yet with the exception of a few. In those few exceptions is an expected apam balik stall that caught the attention of a netizen.

Image via drearea (Instagram)


On 28 February 2021, netizen Andrea Lee was walking around a TTDI night market on Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 2 when she came across a surprising banner on an apam balik stall. The stall advertises that it accepts Bitcoin as a form of payment.

Amused by her discovery, Lee said that there were many other apam balik stalls at the night market but this certain stall caught her eye the most.

When asked how she felt about the banner, she responded  "funny but most importantly relevant! #NFT #GAMESTOP #STONKS." (Source: SAYS).

In the picture taken by Lee, we can see that the price of an original-flavoured apam balik is RM3.50.

The price of 1 bitcoin is USD46,610 (RM189,000) at time of writing which means that one has to pay 0.000019 Bitcoin for an apam balik. (wow!).

Image via Apam Balik Sekinchan


Unfortunately, the vendor has stopped accepting Bitcoin payments and the banner now is merely to attract customers. Apam Balik Sekinchan started accepting Bitcoin as payment in 2017 but as of now the stall no longer accepts the cryptocurrency. Iff they do, it’s just as a joke according to the stall owner  (Source: SAYS).

Image via The European Business Review


Wow, even an apam balik stall recognizes the influence of Bitcoin!. To some people, Bitcoin is a great investment but to others it’s still controversial especially in terms of security. What are your thoughts on this?


Credits to SAYS for the initial coverage.

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