Drunk Driver Crashes Into Bike and Travels 1.5KM With It Stuck To The Car

Drunk Driver Crashes Into Bike and Travels 1.5KM With It Stuck To The Car
Mar 3, 2021
3:39 pm

A lot of people know that if you were under the influence of alcohol, you should not be driving. Although rated as one of the lowest percentages of accident rates in Malaysia (I’m actually serious), those who do get into accidents due to drunk driving will likely kill the victim.

Unfortunately, an incident had happened in Kuantan where a drunken man had crashed into a motorcyclist and had dragged the motorbike all the way back to his house.

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The incident happened in Kuantan on the 1st of March around 1.10am at Jalan Sungai Lembing according to a report by New Straits Times.

The is a 26-year-old who was driving a Toyota Avanza along the road with a Honda EX5 motorcycle wedged in between his bumper.

The victim of the incident was identified as 22-year-old Muhammad Akmal Hakim and he was killed on the spot due to his severe head injuries.

It was revealed that Muhammad Akmal was working in a factory in Gebeng and he was on the way home to his family home in Kampung Padang.

According to ACP Mohd Noor Yusof Ali, the driver was believed to be speeding before crashing into the victim’s motorcycle. The impact was so hard that it had threw the victim onto the car windshield. The motorcycle was stuck on the bumper of the car and was dragged all the way back to the suspects house which was 1.5KM away from the incident location.

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Mohd Noor Yusof added "Investigations suggest that the suspect was unaware he had knocked into the motorcyclist. The suspect continued to drive, dragging the machine with the car. There were traces of the motorcycle being dragged along the stretch."


You have to be kidding me? Impossible that the driver managed to not realise what happened?! But then again, he is intoxicated…

The suspects blood-alcohol level was found to be beyond legal limits.

Not only that his blood-alcohol level was higher beyond the legal limit, but the suspect was also driving over the speed limit. The suspect will be remanded till the 4th of March and is being investigated under Section 44(1) of the Road Transport Act 1987.

If found guilty, he could be liable of not less than 10 years of imprisonment and a fine of not less than RM50,000 and not more than RM100,000.

Drinking and driving should really be taken seriously among Malaysians. We also wish our condolences to the victim’s family and hope he rests in peace.

To all our readers, if you’re out drinking, please ensure that you’re not driving that night as you could put others lives in danger.


Credits to Says for the initial coverage.

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