Con-man: Army Doctor Injected UN Peacekeepers With Water Claiming They Were Covid-19 Vaccines

Con-man: Army Doctor Injected UN Peacekeepers With Water Claiming They Were Covid-19 Vaccines
Mar 5, 2021
11:00 am

It is confirmed that a Thai army doctor gave fake Covid-19 shots to United Nations peacekeeping troops in South Sudan according to Military commander General Chalermpol Srisawat.

(UN’s Peacekeeping Troops) Image via Brittanica

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If they weren’t vaccines against Covid-19, then what were they?.

They were actually…



Bottles filled with plain water.

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The medic managed to inject a total of 273 soldiers, charging the fake vaccination Bt607(S$27) each. One soldier realized something was amiss after noticing the bottles used to inject had no labels. He alerted his superiors and to their horror, they found that the bottles contained plain water.

Thai Army officials were asked to send the doctor back to Thailand by a UN medical representative. They also asked the Thai Army officials to prevent similar cases to happen again.

(Thai Army Officials) Image via Nikkei Asia


When the doctor returned, he immediately ran away in hiding which prompted the Army to dismiss him and withdrew his medical license.

Despite the crazy incident, General Chalermpol is confident that this issue won’t effect UN’s trust in the Thai military.

Image via UNICEF


Following the case, a Transparency international report was released entitled “The Unspoken Covid-19 Vaccine Challenges – Distribution and Corruption”. According to the report, the Army doctor was working at a field hospital in South Sudan from December 2019 to December 2020. After that, he was suspended from duties due to fraud allegations. The investigation for the matter is still ongoing.

As of now, the ex-doctor is still in hiding. His parents shared that he still has not return home.


The doctor should be captured and be sentenced to punishments suitable for his crime. UN’s peacekeeping troops are lucky that the liquid is only water and not anything else that is dangerous. The Thai Army officials should take this matter seriously and check not only the qualifications of their medic team but also observe them when they work from time to time.


Credits to Asia One for the initial coverage.

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