Japanese Youtuber’s Travel Video Catches Eyes Of Malaysians

Japanese Youtuber’s Travel Video Catches Eyes Of Malaysians
Mar 5, 2021
12:16 pm

I’m sure everyone here has always tried to make their own version of a travel video, right? Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, we can’t go to much places as international travel is not allowed and we can’t even inter-state travel (for now).

Recently, a YouTube video has gone viral by a Japanese Youtuber who goes by the name of Aki. He has actually been living in Malaysia for several years now. Before venturing into the world of becoming a professional youtuber, he had actually started off as a high school English teacher.


His YouTube channel consist of skits/react videos, food videos and also travel videos. The theme that can be seen is mostly about him trying the experiences that Malaysia has to offer as we have a lot of unique things and activities that can’t be found or done in other countries. His channel is called Aki from Japan and currently has 97,600 subscribers.


If anyone is thinking of traveling out of Malaysia, maybe this video could make you think otherwise.

Although Aki had posed this video back in November 2020, it has gained the attention of Malaysians recently due to it’s jaw dropping cinematography and editing. The title of the video is Malaysia Cinematic – Like you’ve Never Seen Before and it’s gained over 43,434 videos on during the time of writing this article.

Animated GIF


It’s so good that people say that this should be the Malaysian Tourism video instead or even their benchmark.

Image via Says


Image via Says


I’ll give it to you, the comment section isn’t wrong and with all honesty, this is how Malaysian tourism should promote the country.

Malaysia is actually full of places to travel and explore. Most people should try heading to our islands as you won’t find beaches as nice and waters as clear (unless you go to Maldives but that’s very expensive).

Watch the video here:


What do you think of the video? Let us know in the comments!



Credits to Says for the initial coverage.

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