Soon-To-Be Top Dog on the Road in 2018!

Soon-To-Be Top Dog on the Road in 2018!
Nov 8, 2017
10:27 am

There's gonna be a NEW Top Dog on the road soon, and no it's not a foreign car...

Yeah I'm sure you probably already heard that the Perodua Myvi is releasing its 2018 Edition some time in near future - especially those of you who already own a Myvi and joined the Myvi Car Club... dah la the road is flooded with every edition known to mankind pfft...

Don't get me wrong... I'm not anti-Myvi, but it would be nice to see variety on the road no?


However, booking for the all-new Myvi starts tomorrow; price ranging from RM44,300 to RM55,300. The 1.3L & 1.5L carry the same engine line-up as the Toyota Avanza - yes, not a carry-over from the previous Myvi model, so I guess more fun to drive lo! 

Not bad la, I wouldn't mind test-driving it for a more "accurate" review?


I won't get overly carried away by telling you spec-for-spec about the new Myvi so I guess you'll just have to go check it out when it's released in the market. However I can share this with you in case you're curious.. Look below :)


Curious to find out more? I gotchu... here's a 30-second clip :)

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