Poor Wi-Fi Connection? Fix it with Aluminium Foil!

Poor Wi-Fi Connection? Fix it with Aluminium Foil!
Mar 8, 2021
10:43 am

Ever had issues at home where the Wi-Fi is not strong enough? We all know that everyone is highly dependant on internet nowadays especially with Covid-19 which had forced everyone to adapt to new norms such as online classes and working remotely from home.

However, not everyone has strong internet connection as some routers may not support high speeds and some may not be able to afford the premium price for fast internet. Most activities nowadays require high speed and stable internet connection to live-stream or even video calling.

Over the weekend, netizens on Facebook have been sharing a post and swears that it’s a lifehack that everyone could use. Apparently, if you wrap aluminium foil around your routers, it can make your internet faster.

Malaysians got really creative with their foil designs and to some went the extra mile to place their routers in a metal bowl!

Not to forget, they did a speed test for their internet and some saw an increase if up to 10 Mbps!

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I kinda question how this works but HMMMM…

Image via Chempedak Cheese (Facebook)


Not bad if you ask me, who knew that a bit of aluminium foil can go a long way?

And now the pictures of the other users get interesting!

Image via Chempedak Cheese (Facebook)


Image via Chempedak Cheese (Facebook)


Image via Chempedak Cheese (Facebook)


Meanwhile, this person is using his phone as his router and it too does wonders!

Image via Chempedak Cheese (Facebook)


And if you don’t have aluminium foil, you could probably try anything that is made of metal.

Image via Chempedak Cheese (Facebook)


Image via Chempedak Cheese (Facebook)


Before anyone actually jumps to conclusion, the life hack is legit! Even on Tom’s Guide it has been proven that it works. This youtuber also went the extra mile to even 3D print their own wireless coverage! If you have a 3D printer, you can try this out too!


Also, do remember not to confuse between the router and modem! The modem is the device that connects you to a wide area network (WAN) and the router is the device which connects you to the internet via your local area network (LAN) or Wi-Fi network.

Here at the MYC! Office, we had attempted to put a metal tray behind it and here are the before and after results!







Our speeds went up by 24Mbps and the download speed went up by 32 Mbps. For me, the best part is that the Wi-Fi signal strength from my place had went up from 43% to 81%!

sadday | KaW Forum


As you can see from the results above, it does work! So we can recommend this lifehack to everyone ^^

To our readers, if you have bad Wi-Fi signal, try this life hack out and let us know what you think!



Credits to World Of Buzz for the initial coverage.

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