Milo Household Favorite in Japan, Frequently Sold Out in Stores

Milo Household Favorite in Japan, Frequently Sold Out in Stores

A viral Tweet about Milo’s health benefits last year caused the demand in Japan to skyrocket leading it to be sold out the moment it was available to be purchased.

(Are we even surprised? Who does not like Milo!).

Fortunately, Japan can now rejoice as the delicious malt drink is back on shelves!

One Japanese netizen (@TonanLeopard) took to Twitter to share their announcement that a bar at Machida train station is back in business. What are they selling? Of course it is none other than the nostalgic childhood malt beverage drink we locally referred to as ‘Milo Ais’ in Malaysia.


The The advertisements plastered on the bar also mentions Milo’s health benefits such as being high in Vitamin D and Iron (Side note caution: Milo has been widely reported as a high sugar content beverage). The Tweet has now garnered a total of 45.5k retweets and 157.8k likes as of time of writing.

Interestingly enough in Japan, there are also Banana and Kiwi flavoured Milo drinks. To non-Japanese people, this may sound odd but remember the drink is also reflecting the taste buds and culture of the locals just like how we have our ‘Milo C’, ‘Nestum Milo’, ‘Milo Dinosaur’, etc.

(Milo Challenge: Try out as many different flavours of Milo from different countries once the border opens?!)

Image via Milo

Image via Lowyat.NET


Malaysians who were aware of the news took to Twitter to share their love for Milo as well.


The idea of Milo being sold out is completely unimaginable to the average Malaysian. We literally grew up with Milo and there has always been more than enough supply to cater to the everyone’s demands.

So how did Milo in Japan sold out?

Since the demand for Milo from Japan suddenly skyrocketed after the viral Tweet on Milo’s health benefits in December 2020, it was hard for Japan’s supplier in Singapore to cater to the overwhelmingly large demand. (It was sevenfold from the demand in 2019!).

This lead Japan to go through a few months without any Milo. (Malaysians can’t relate). It was reported that the earliest Nestle Japan could receive sufficient supply was by March 2021 and they were actually true to their word! (The Japanese culture is all about punctuality).


To know that another country does not have a steady supply of Milo is unfortunate and scary. We should be grateful that we don’t face such an issue! We are also glad that Japan has jumped into the Milo-obsessed train!


Credits to The Rakyat Post for the initial coverage.

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