Fuel for the Night Owls: Part 1, FOOD!

Fuel for the Night Owls: Part 1, FOOD!
Nov 24, 2017
4:41 pm

I know, I know, many-a-times you hit a stumbling block on where are the hot new highlights of town; trust me, I face the same issue. Doesn’t help that we’re all busy during the day, and while the only time we have for ourselves is at night (well not all of us la), a lot of places are near to closing.

So here’s are some suggestions for cool places that we CAN visit After Hours!

Curbside Cantina

Oh yes, personally I love food trucks! I mean, what’s not to love right? Young entrepreneurs who cook, on wheels – tepi jalan!

A food truck that serves Mexican food (yummmm right) and is 100% halal! If you’re a hipster café-goer, it’s located at the opposite end of the block where “Thursdvy” is.

My recommendation: Try their “Fried Chicken Baco” and ALWAYS ask for extra sauce!
Tip: Tuesday is key! Why? It will be #TACOTUESDAY, where you can get ANY Taco for RM15!

Location: Lorong Datuk Sulaiman 1, TTDI
Operating Hours: 5pm – 10pm, ONLY Weekdays
Contact Number: 013 809 0488


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