The Warrior in You!

The Warrior in You!
Nov 25, 2017
2:58 am

This may just be a true Cinderella story of an apprentice plumber who grew up from Crumlin, Ireland and rose to fame in the Octagon. From a struggling apprentice plumber to earning $60,000 a fight, Conor McGregor is known as an entertaining and dominant fighter in the Octagon! Well that’s a story that EVERYONE knows…

What you may not know was his hard and long 4-year journey to the top. As a youth, Conor was never interested in school so he jumped onto the plumbing train as a trade just to get by in life – working 12-hour days before hitting the gym. Wow, after a 12-hour day at work, I’d prefer to just sleep! At 16, Conor learnt the meaning of truly “fighting for your life”…with a plunger.


As a Warrior is defined by a lifestyle that involves developing your character and living life in honour and integrity, Conor started “fighting” way before he entered the ring. His first fight started in his heart when he believed that he is meant for so much more. “I was getting ordered around, getting people their lunch, all this crap. I just thought, 'This life isn't for me, I'm going to pack it in. I'm going to chase my dreams." He may have only been an assistant plumber for a year, but this guy unclogged pipes to earn his keep.


As crazy as you see him get in the ring, with his weird provoking laughs and screams, this guy knows what it means to give respect before receiving any. I mean c’mon, the guy was a plumber…he knows hardship. Conor works hard and exemplifies what it means to be a warrior, both in the octagon and in life.

Rags in the start, riches in the end, Conor doesn’t have to win in the Octagon be called a true Warrior; he is a true Warrior because you fought for everything he earned today. Today, Conor is worth more than $34 million; he has earned the respect of everyone with his Heart of a Warrior. That is one heck of an accomplishment for a 29-years-old. Wanna be like Conor McGregor, well you can… through FOCUS, VISUALIZATION & Definitely HARD KNOCKS ! Get it? Get it?

If you persevere towards your goal, this WILL be YOU! Go out there and be a WARRIOR!

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