It’s all about the Bao!

It’s all about the Bao!
Mitchell Wong
on Food Explore
Nov 27, 2017
10:47 am

“Eh, where you wanna go?” is a question that you probably hear quite often. It follows with “Eh, what to eat ah?”, then finished off with “Eh, dowan la so sien…” Oh boy, I’m sure you guys face this same problem when it comes to your girlfriend right?

Well there's this great spot where you can dine, chill, & have Insta-worthy moments.

However familiar you are with Damansara Uptown, the first time I tried looking for this place, I had to drive 3 rounds to find it. The Random Food Store is one of those “hole-in-the-wall” that would surprise once you’ve stepped in.

You walk in, the first thing you would ask yourself is “Why only 1 table??” Yup, and it goes all the way down the room. So if you’re lucky, you’d get a seat…or at least one next to a hot girl la.

So what can you find there that is so “random”? Try finding a place that serves you bao! Not those that you can find in any coffee shop – just something you gotta try.


You will get quite a variety in Random Food Store. So you have Buncit Bao-Bar serving you your baos and other foods, then you have One Half Coffee that brings your beverages….and coffee, then when you walk out the door, turn to your right as there’s an even smaller hole in that wall that sells ice-cream!

Since Bao is what you’d probably be going there for, here are some recommendations that you’d definitely wanna try:

1. Wagyu Bao – RM19
2. Chicken Roast Duck – RM9
3. Star Fruit Smoked Paprika Chicken – RM9
4. Mango Ice Cream Bao – RM9

There are more, so go try it out. Every bite is flavourful so remember to get extra napkins!


Random Food Store is located at:

Address: 9, Jalan SS 21/37, Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Phone: 03-7733 1277

Opening Hours: 8am-10.30pm Daily.

That's Jane case you're wondering...

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