First Ever Tex Café™ is in Suria KLCC!

First Ever Tex Café™ is in Suria KLCC!
Mitchell Wong
on Food Explore
Nov 29, 2017
6:30 pm

No one is more excited about this than us!

Texas Chicken has opened the FIRST EVER Tex Café™ right here in Malaysia! 

If you were excited when McDonald's opened its McCafe, I'm certainly positive that Texas Chicken's Tex Café™ is on your Need-To-Try list!

Since it's in Suria KLCC, you don't have to worry about parking...there's the LRT that takes you directly into the mall!

It is located on LC-C06, Concourse Floor, right next to Texas Chicken!


...and the ever popular honey-butter biscuits are now upgraded with the addition of chocolate chips!! Yumm... yes my friend is super excited about that!

So right after your lunch, dining on delicious fried chicken, go try out its selection of gourmet coffee and desserts!

Personally, I'm not a fan of Mocha...but at Tex Café™, I may have just changed my mind!

MYC!'s writer, Yao definitely gives Tex Café™ a HUGE thumbs-up!

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