The So-Near-Yet-So-Far Guys in You Met in Life

The So-Near-Yet-So-Far Guys in You Met in Life
Nov 30, 2017
8:02 am

by: Yao Xiang C.


We are not talking about the cheater or the creepy ass guy who stalks you 24/7,
but those special men in your life who leave you constantly thinking about them when things didn’t work out.



  • Future husband material

  • Smart, hardworking, responsible and TRUE GENTLEMAN.

You know your parent would love him, your friends would see him as your best choice, and you…

Edward is all good except when he’s too obsessed with his career, lack of sensible and romantic genes, lecture you about life lessons all the time... and eventually made you lose your excitement for the date.

He is probably the biggest dilemma of your life. While you are clear that he could be a perfect husband-material, you can also feel the sparks between you both are always at the edge of despair.

Well, Edward you are a wrong timing boyfriend. (But I still hope to meet you in the future)



  • Soul mate of your life.

  • Adorable, intelligent & KNOWS YOUR MIND

And then when you guys stepped across the border of friendship, things started to change.

You both found flaws in each other's personality, but because you love him, you could understand his pains and struggles so much that you decided to accept everything...

Until the moment when you realise Daniel is a better friend than a boyfriend.

You loved him, but you lost him as a best friend.



  • Prince Charming

  • Romantic dates, chocolates & lovely text messages in the morning.

After reading hundred copies of romance novels, “The One” has finally appeared. He holds your hand, looks into your eyes, and always tell you he loves you in the most affectionate way…

You always know there’s something off about this guy, yet you can’t help but to instantly fall in his love trap.

Chris taught you the most romantic things a man can do, but the experience also taught you romance can’t guarantee a sustainable practical relationship.

In the end, you might you realise, maybe you never fall in love with him. Instead, you were in love with the kind of romantic setting he created in the relationship.

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