Nasi Lemak in Seoul !

Nasi Lemak in Seoul !
Dec 7, 2017
4:24 am

It's called Supply & Demand. This Sabahan guy has gotten it right, by taking something as easy and common as Nasi Lemak and opening shop in South Korea.

...and making BIG bucks for it!

Duzy (yes that's his name) opened a small stall at Pop @ Itaewon Guesthouse in Itaewon, Seoul - selling the Malaysian iconic dish for about RM19! Waliao...

So if you're ever in Seoul and looking for something halal.... hit up Pop @ Itaewon Guesthouse and keep your eyes...and possibly your nose open for "Nasi Lemak Berlauk Panas".

You don't just get a delicious, hot meal... you get to enjoy the beautiful scenic view of buildings and skyscrapers in the city from the vantage point.

Keep up the good work Duzy. Malaysia is proud! #MalaysiaBoleh #NasiLemakKorea

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