Cikgu Azizan Story

Cikgu Azizan Story
Dec 26, 2017
3:45 am

The Issue:

Can a teacher hit a naughty lil devil in the classroom? Do you think it's Right or Wrong?

What Happened First:

Cikgu Azizan was facing a sentencing of 8 years in jail for slapping a naughty student in class. Yeah, didn't happen cause he was released. 

Apparently the student was sniffing glue & got quite "lippy" with the teacher.. y'know how it is la.. which student is ever FULLY OBEDIENT in school kan? 

Some say that teachers are meant to JUST educate students, but I do believe that teachers are also responsible for shaping and disciplining their students no? 

After all, students spend about 6 hours in school, 5 days a week.. that's a whole lot of bonding time..

Why Give a Sh*t:

Imagine if a teacher was sentenced to prison for disciplining a student, granted that slapping that naughty devil was a little excessive, but what will become of Malaysia?

What if a Headmaster rotan a naughty student? Prison too?

Lets look back to the days we were in school; I'm sure lots of us have lots to thank our school teachers for, and we have learnt quite a bit from them. 

C'mon la, we know it's how hard it was to "respect" our teachers when we were in school...but teachers do show a lot of care and dedication - well some la.

In a nutshell, don't be like that punk-headed kid and stop sniffing glue... GLUE IS EXPENSIVE!

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