Cheaper iPhone Battery Replacements!

Cheaper iPhone Battery Replacements!
Jan 5, 2018
2:43 pm

Apple iPhone users can now rejoice. It's a fair statement that anyone who buys a smartphone will face battery trouble at some point, but we all know stuff that comes from Apple are NEVER cheap. So... Apple resellers Machines and Switch steps into the limelight with a solution.

You can now save RM 240 for the battery change cause the replacement only cost RM 129

So if you're still using iPhone SE, iPhone 6 and iPhone 7, you're in luck. This offer is only available for these models.

You can drop by any Machines and Switch stores to make your battery change. However, according to Switch, the change will take about 5-7 Days... so do have a spare backup phone in the meantime.

For once, iPhone users can say "I'm glad I didn't buy the new iPhone yet."

...and for my buddy who just bought the new iPhone X, dude...aren't you glad you still kept your iPhone 5S!

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