Best Travel Packages this CNY

Best Travel Packages this CNY
Jan 9, 2018
6:22 pm

This Chinese New Year is coming at just the right time, giving all of us a much longer weekend...and for those office people with extra days in your Leave Bank, it's a good time to get applying!

Expedia is back with more travel promos that will definitely encourage you to dust off your luggage bags and getting packing for a holiday.

Here are some of the promos that you can have a look at:



Rates: Flight + 3D2N hotel, from RM579 per person.



Rates: Flight + 3D2N hotel, from RM248 per person. 


Hong Kong

Rates: Flight + 4D3N hotel, from RM1,026 per person. 



Rates: Flight + 5D4N hotel, from RM3,801 per person. 



Rates: Flight + 5D4N hotel, from RM1,220 per person. 



Rates: Flight + 5D4N hotel, from RM1,735 per person. 



Rates: Flight + 4D3N hotel, from RM1,994 per person. 


Phnom Penh

Rates: Flight + 3D2N hotel, from RM381 per person.


Interested now?? Click on the link below and get planning for your next Travel & Adventure!

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