Best Affordable Car Rental

Best Affordable Car Rental
Jan 24, 2018
4:01 am

You can now rent a car for a day for as low as RM28!


Let's say you wanna take your date out in a luxury car but your bank account doesn't permit you to buy one, now you can just login to the SOCAR Malaysia mobile app and book one - and you can get on your way in just 30 minutes!

SOCAR Malaysia's fleet of cars includes the Perodua Axia, Honda City, Honda HR-V and the Mini Cooper (now that's what I'm talkin' about man!)

Here are the rates by the Hour:

Perodua Axia
Weekday - RM8.00/hour
Weekend - RM11.00/hour

Honda City
Weekday - RM9.90/hour
Weekend - RM15.90/hour

Honda HR-V
Weekday - RM18.90/hour
Weekend - RM25.00/hour

Mini Cooper 
Weekday - RM25.00/hour
Weekend - RM30.00/hour

 If you're looking to rent for just the night, SOCAR offers a Stress-Free Pass that's very affordable during the offpeak usage. 

Perodua Axia - RM28.00

Honda City - RM37.00

Honda HR-V - RM69.00

These are the rates for the offpeak usage: Monday - Thursday, from 7pm - 8am.


However, here's even better news. It doesn't matter if you wanna rent the car for 12 - 24 hours, you'll only be charged for 10 hours! If you are renting the car for 2 days, you'll only be paying for 20 hours

Rules to follow when you're renting a car from SOCAR.

SOCAR is using a cardless/keyless system so you can unlock & start the car by just the app and pushing the push-start button. VROOM!

I gotta let you know a bit more:

1. Petrol & Insurance is covered by SOCAR; you're allowed to drive for as far as 300km per day. Anything exceeding that will cost you an additional RM0.25 per km.

2. Before returning the car, you have to refill the gas tank to at least 50% or else there's gonna be a penalty charge of RM100.

3. If you can't pick up the car from 100 locations, SOCAR offers a D2D (Door to Door) service for RM5, which includes both drop-off and pick-up at your location. Limited to certain areas, and between 7am - 7pm from Monday - Friday

Btw, this is only applicable for CDL (Competent Driving licence) . If you're still holding your "P" licence, wait a little longer :)

Wanna know more, click on the link below:

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