The Journey of a Volunteer Warrior

The Journey of a Volunteer Warrior
Jan 24, 2018
5:19 am

by Yao Xiang C

My journey begins on a typical regular weekend day in KL for a Monash U Girl, one weekend after watching “Guardians of the Galaxy” on a Date I can’t really remember (sorry ex-Date).
One pondered, is there life outside the cinema, or is this it?  (...maybe it was all my ex-Date’s fault)

As a Major of Accounting ( can guess rite) & also a 19-year-old Millennial, one reflects outside the Comfort (read: Boring) Zone (while facing a deluge of Millennial Guys who have no clue on how to Date a Millennial Girl...  again, maybe it’s just me); What’s Next?

@ Accounting School Monash U one fine day…
“International Teachers needed in Szechuan, China ... teaching Village Kids”  
the sign rang out. And thus began the 1st step in my Journey.

3 months & 50 Celsius Degrees difference later (from 35C to -15C)
I am in the remote village Tian Quan, of Sze Chuan.
Site of a horrific Earthquake that killed 69,000 people in a single day.
These are the children survivors who were in school the day that their parents were killed.  

My Role:  Lao Shi (teacher) of the Class of ’14

Life Starts @ 6AM in China, a typical day when I always showed up with a puffy face in class with Vege Pau & Soy Milk bought across the street. 
It was never boring here with my fellow volunteer colleagues from all around the world.
We laughed at our own jokes, together we shivered in the cold wind and climbed over the school fence to get back to our dormitory after supper (Yes, there was a curfew).
Most importantly, we worked together, far away from home towards the same Mission of giving children of Sze Chuan – a different perspective about life and education.

I loved the local kids & they loved me back (I hope... heh heh), but as with all Kids; you do sometimes want to kill these other people’s kids too!* :D  
* no actual kid was harmed in the production of this article

For example, Jeffery (real name is Jun Jie), where this escalated into real fight 10 seconds right after this photo was taken.

And there is always in my heart, Emily (real name is Wan Ying), who would show up with their homemade local sausage earlier in the morning just to cheer me up in the morning.


2 months of volunteerism & RM 5,000 spent (personal expenses... mostly shopping (c’mon don’t judge)... How does that define my life as a Volunteer Warrior?

In my own terms, being a Warrior means:
1) Surviving on your own for the Mission, where the Mission is not for Personal Gain,
      but to help others
2) Not having access to regular comforts of Home & your own Circle of Friends
3) Focused on the Mission until Completion (without giving up)

Being a Warrior means different things to different people, but it does mean being Brave enough to
challenge & improve yourself. It Takes Guts and sometimes No Glory.

So how do you Start on your Own Warrior Journey?

1) Kechara who provide regular meals to the homeless.
2) Shelter Home for Children who are dedicated to helping the less fortunate children.
3) Bangsa Ria who provide physical and social skills training for severely disabled persons.

Ultimately, it may sound cliché but sometimes being a True Warrior is not about how tough you are, but how others make you FEEL that there are things Worth Fighting for.

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