Jumanji & Wonder Woman features an Indonesian Youth(?)

Jumanji & Wonder Woman features an Indonesian Youth(?)
Jan 26, 2018
7:04 am

While we all wish that we can be in our favourite movie or even meet our favourite celebrity, how many can actually do it?

Well this guy, Syahril Ramadan can! For real!

Syahril in "Justice League"

Did you notice him in the movie? Well, this talented youth is a self-taught Photoshop artist, so naturally thanks to digital imaging software, he could be seen dining with Donald Trump if he wanted to.

He seems pretty close with Cristiano Ronaldo too...lucky...

The 19-year-old kid is an amateur photographer and started learning how to use Adobe Photoshop in 2011...and he is now having a blast! His pictures are pretty spot on. He's got a pretty good eye for blending himself into pictures wouldn't you say?

Why not chill with the Jumanji crew right? but dude...offer the lady a seat la...

Photoshopping is definitely not a new craze but let's give him credit that he's pretty skilled..especially for someone who is self-taught. I'm impressed. 

Imagine how old he would be if he really went to war with Wonder Woman and her bunch of Wonder Men? Haha

Giddyup Spidey..(?)

"Hulk, SMASH.. I'll wait here with Thor."

Seems pretty fun eh? Here's a BTS of how he creates his art:

There's a promising career for Syahril indeed. If you're a fan and wanna see more, check him out!

Click on the link below for more cool stuff from Syahril:

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