Jan 29, 2018
12:14 pm

1Malaysia means that we should ALL be stocking our house with goodies for Chinese New Year. Y'know la..the snacks and drinks... oh and even ang pow packets!

Here are MYC!'s Top 5 take on what we should be stocking up on:

1. Mandarin Oranges

Like duhh right? It doesn't feel like CNY if we don't go into #OrangeMode .

P.s: If you didn't know, the word "kam/gam" means GOLD in Cantonese. 


2. Pineapple Tarts

My personal favourite. Oh thank goodness my aunt bakes really good ones. Perfect match of sweet + creamy. If you don't have this in your house, you're definitely missing out.


3. Chinese Pork/Chicken Jerky (Bak Kwa)

Expensive but a definite MUST HAVE. Dried flavourful meat. If you're hungry, get some buttered toast and slip this in between for an amazing Chinese "sandwich". This is my lunch for when I'm hungry...and if there's any left in my house.


4. Yee Sang

This is definitely the 2nd best part of CNY gatherings. You get to make a mess of the table and NOT be scolded for it! Remember, the higher you pull, the more "ong" you get.. at least that's what I'm told lol

If you're not allergic to salmon, add that in. Trust me, it's the only thing I look forward to the most!


5. Beer!

It's like the perfect combo. No celebration is complete without beer. When you have beer, you have a PARTY

I'm not encouraging you to drink, but it's definitely more fun with it wouldn't you say?


This isn't included into the list cause though ang pows are the best things to receive, remember that it's all about the FAMILY first. 

Have a great celebration with your love ones and stay safe...but if you want to give me ang pow, i will definitely be happy to receive la. Thanks weyh hahaha!

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