Rent a Boyfriend This CNY

Rent a Boyfriend This CNY
Jan 29, 2018
9:06 am

Ladies, you must be irritated outta your mind when NOSY relatives keep asking you "ah girl.. got boyfriend yet o not? Why not yet??"

Your immediate response would be:

Well what about a PRETEND BOYFRIEND this Chinese New Year?

WHAT: Guys from Malaysia & Singapore are literally up for grabs! You can have a "temporary" arm-candy minus the commitment. Full details about the guy is included too.. shopping for guys is a thing? OH YES it is!

WHERE: Online. You can shop from your phone. The beauty of modern technology...

MYC! Review & Opinion of the Human Interest Story: A real smart initiative by Pestle & Mortar eh? I know some girls who are into it and even some who are doing it. Haven't heard anything bad about it thus far so it must be pretty effective :)

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