Malaysians Rescue School Kids from Freak Flood

Malaysians Rescue School Kids from Freak Flood
Jan 29, 2018
10:11 am

WHAT: Remember the flood that happened around Kota Damansara last week? Well Malaysians braved the flood to rescue school kids who were stuck in the flood waters. The flood was bad, water level rose pretty quick and many vehicles were stranded.

WHERE: Persiaran Surian, around the SHELL station area on the road to Kota Damansara.

MYC! Review & Opinion of the Human Interest Story: We hear about many bad sh*ts that Malaysians do that causes us to be ashamed to be Malaysians, but here are those times when we can lift our heads and smile. Sure, many could have swam their way out of the flood..but when Malaysians band together to rescue these kids, we just wanna applaud them for their acts of kindness. #MalaysiaBoleh

Now these are the kinda things we as Malaysians should exemplify. Those kids have a good future now because of such acts of valor.

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