Jinnyboy got scammed with Jay Chou concert tickets

Jinnyboy got scammed with Jay Chou concert tickets
Jan 30, 2018
2:32 am

...and he wasn't the only one.

WHAT: Many Malaysians were turned away at Jay Chou's concert cause their tickets were apparently fake. 

Jin Lim paid RM1,500 for two tickets to Jay Chou's concert when a guy contacted Jin's wife, Michelle, and told her that he had two tickets to sell cause he couldn't make it. 

Here's the kicker, all the victims of the scam received their tickets registered under THE SAME NAME! Hahaha... imagine a sold out crowd, all named Ooi Wei Khang. 

So it sucks for those who were preyed upon, but here's what Jin says: "We were not the only ones and it kinda sucks that these kinda things happen.As for the seller, here is his phone number +60102112542 (Lee Wei Jian), probably a decoy number but if anyone has any info about this scammer, please give him hell."

Oh but if you know/find the REAL Ooi Wei Khang, DON'T bombard the poor fella k? 

MYC! Review & Opinion of the Human Interest Story: Getting conned by scalpers and con artists isn't rare. Don't shoot me for this but, if you want Quality, you pay for it. #BuyLegit #SupportMusicians #OriginalIsBest

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