Secrets of a Digital Start-Up Warrior

Secrets of a Digital Start-Up Warrior
Jan 30, 2018
3:52 am

This guy, J-Son Ho, turned a RM 200,000 investment into a company with a nett worth of RM 65 Million as of today, just by following his passion. What is his passion you ask? Gaming.

 According to J-Son, based on a book he read called Halftime by Bob P. Buford, when you hit your mid-life, it’s time to live out your life following pure passion – to be the best at what you love. In just 8 months, J-Son has led his company GAMEKA to a point of being self-sustaining and even locking down their first client.  

Despite the success today, the singular word J-Son said to describe the journey of GAMEKA is “TOUGH.”
Being a digital start-up in 2015 when the economy was shaky would tear down many other start-ups, but not this team of gaming entrepreneurs!

There came a few low moments that GAMEKA had almost closed down. Not once, but THREE times! Not because of money issues, not because of the economy… but when you’re working as a start-up company, communication is VITAL.  If People are locked from getting things done, the key to unlocking this is communication. J-Son’s vision may not be shared by many, but a true Warrior knows how to thrive to survive long enough.

In a growing market like the gaming industry, survived GAMEKA did. J-Son presents his games like how a chef would to the Masterchef judges. Starting with the style of presentation to producing great art, to “juicing” (sound & visual effects)… try “Kluno” to know what I mean.
And Not released yet but…”Kluno: Hero Battle” will be having a multi-player function!

Here’s another challenge that you will face if you think of starting up your own digital/gaming company – team synergy. Developing a game takes from months to even years to complete. Everyone has a role to play so you can imagine how it would affect a company if “someone” decides to just leave. Imagine how you’d walk if you suddenly lost a leg.

This is where the CEO steps up to make decisions that will either “Make it or Break it” for GAMEKA.

The inspiring thing is that J-Son, a former Youth Pastor, didn’t just allow emotions to cloud his responsibilities as the captain of this ship despite rapid waves, but instead relied on God & his trusted team to bring the company forward. That’s how a Warrior would do it; by looking to your Faith and your brother-in-arms for the support that you need.

How did J-Son lead the way? Well through a Bible verse where it says “wisdom is in the council of the many.” What that means is that J-Son doesn’t act alone. (Don’t forget, he had a good foundation as a humble Church Boy) If you want to succeed, push aside pride and emotions.

A tough Warrior acts upon wisdom, not emotions.

There were many times that J-Son got up early at 5AM to Pray for a breakthrough for his company when times were challenging. He doesn’t claim to be perfect though. Just a man who knows there are forces larger than him in this world.

I’m deeply inspired by this man who created something out of nothing, and his love for his team. GAMEKA has the idealistic office that fresh grads would look. If you want to succeed and be a Warrior in the Digital Entrepreneurship market, just #ConquerTheMoment and dig deep for the #WarriorInYou.

Being a Warrior is not all Physical. It’s 99% Mental.   

Key Traits of an Entrepreneur Warrior:

1.0 Focus on the Mission
2.0 Communicate with your Fellow Warriors
3.0 Fight for your Passion (no one else will)

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