'Glee' Star Dead at 35

'Glee' Star Dead at 35
Feb 1, 2018
3:52 pm

Unfortunately, it's residential bad boy Noah Puckerman. No, not dead on screen.

Mark Salling, who plays Noah Puckerman

Stupid decisions + harmful addiction = depression (?); Depression = Suicide

A little insight news if you didn't know - Mark was arrested in 2015 and charged in 2016 for Child Pornography. 

Still, though his character was pretty much an ass & a bully, in real life, he is a "gentle & loving person" as described by family members. He just made some seriously stupid mistakes and I guess the sound of prison didn't digest too well with him.

This is the second death of a 'Glee' star, following Cory Monteith's sad demise in 2013. 


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