Sleeping in Space

Sleeping in Space
Feb 1, 2018
4:13 pm

If you're bored with sleeping in the same ol' boring concept called a room and you wanna get out and try something different, we got just the thing for you!

It's called Myracle Apartment Suite, a cosy spaceship capsule dorm that really gives you a whole new experience. Don't worry, there is Wi-Fi here in outer space. How else to feed the 'gram right?

Every dorm is fully air-conditioned and has a great view of KL Tower! #MalaysiaBoleh 

Our tower can be seen from space!

There are enough space for you to move around, and even ports for you to charge your electronic devices. What else? There's also a gym, swimming pool and jacuzzi. Coolest spaceship ever!

Some of these dorms are prices from RM53 per night; so if you can't afford to fly up to space, this really is the closest you'll get. Disappointed? Don't think you'll be after you've tried it.

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