Customize Your Telco Plan

Customize Your Telco Plan
Feb 2, 2018
4:21 am

For the first time, you can truly pay for what YOU really want. Why? Cause Yoodo lets YOU call the shots with what you pay for!

Whatever you want more of or less of, everything is changeable by the touch of your own finger. 

Here's how you can start off:

Data: Min: RM20/month for 2GB; Max: RM150/month for 100GB

Call: Min: RM5/month for 50 minutes

SMS: Min: RM3/month for 50 SMS


If you're unhappy with your selection, you can change your plan for FREE..but will only be activated the following month.

This would definitely get your attention, so get the Yoodo app now and register online!

Once you've made your selection, you'll receive your new SIM card in 3 days..

Wanna roam? Well for just RM10/per day, you can use your existing data, calls, & sms in 12 countries: India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Cambodia, Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Laos, and Brunei.

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