Malaysia's Top 10 Richest Men in 2018

Malaysia's Top 10 Richest Men in 2018
Feb 5, 2018
2:51 am

Disclaimer: Richest people in MALAYSIA, NOT in the world :)

We know la you guys are quite kepoh about this kinda things, but who is complaining? If these people serve as an inspiration for you to succeed, why not? 

#1: Tan Sri Robert Kuok

Flagship: PPB Group Bhd / Kerry

Group Net Worth: RM 49.9 Billion


#2: Tan Sri Lim Kok Thay

Flagship: Genting Group

Group Net Worth: RM 23.8 Billion


#3: Tan Sri Teh Hong Piow

Flagship: Public Bank Bhd

Group Net Worth: RM 21.6 Billion


#4: Tan Sri Lee Shin Cheng

Flagship: IOI Corp Bhd

Group Net Worth: RM 20.6 Billion


#5: T. Ananda Krishnan

Flagship: Usaha Tegas Sdn Bhd

Group Net Worth: RM 20.4 Billion


#6: Tan Sri Lau Cho Kun

Flagship: Hap Seng Consolidated Bhd

Group Net Worth: RM 17.6 Billion


#7: Tan Sri Quek Leng Chan

Flagship: Hong Leong

Group Net Worth: RM 15.9 Billion


#8: Tan Sri Koon Poh Keong & Koon Poh Ming

Flagship: Press Metal Aluminium Holdings Bhd

Group Net Worth: RM 13.07 Billion


#9: Kuan Kam Hon

Flagship: Hartalega Holdings Bhd

Group Net Worth: RM 9.71 Billion


#10: Tan Sri Dr Chan Lip Keong

Flagship: NagaCorp

Group Net Worth: RM 9.31 Billion

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