Air Asia's NEW Fast Check-in System

Air Asia's NEW Fast Check-in System
Mitchell Wong
on Adventure Travel
Feb 7, 2018
11:41 am

Everyone's favourite airlines Air Asia truly knows how to keep its customers happy. Its new check-in system now makes your FACE real important.

Photo Credit to BAC

WHAT: It's called "Fast Airport Clearance Experience System" (FACES) ; using cutting edge biometric technology, your FACE is now a passport. How cool is that!

WHERE: Currently it is only available at Senai International Airport in Johor Bahru... so, good for you JBians eh?

Photo Credit to BAC

MYC! Review of the Human Interest Story: Lets just pray that FACES will be installed in KL airports soon cause I'm pretty sure we ain't gonna go to JB just to try it. Right? Or will you?

P.s: Since we know most of you are attracted to the Air Asia crew ladies...

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