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Ricegum's Monster Super Bowl Commercial 2018

Ricegum's Monster Super Bowl Commercial 2018
Mitchell Wong
on Movies Entertainment
Feb 8, 2018
10:21 am

If you don't know who Ricegum is, he is the Asian King of YouTube with 9.3 million subscribers to date!

Well here's the hype! Y'know how the Super Bowl is like the BIGGEST sporting event in America - basically the World Cup of American football.

YouTube is blowing up with Super Bowl 2018 commercials if you haven't noticed; now this scrawny Asian guy who can "spit fire" (rap) better than most white-boy rappers has his own Monster Super Bowl Commercial 2018 being aired! 

Hey idk about you, but as an Asian, I'm pretty proud.

There's another huge Hollywood star in the commercial. Guess you'll just have to watch to find out who.

Here's Ricegum's Monster Super Bowl Commercial 2018:

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