Mobile Legends or Arena of Valor?

Mobile Legends or Arena of Valor?
Feb 8, 2018
11:59 am

by Andrew Phan

Mobile Legends or Arena of Valor? Which comes first & which is better?

Mobile gaming is "da bomb" amongst smartphone users due to it’s simplicity & fast-paced gameplay, so it can be played anytime, anywhere.

Brought to life thanks to the ever growing MOBA game genres such as Dota 2 & League of Legends, mobile gamers now have been split into 2 factions, Team Mobile Legends and Team Arena of Valor.

Both of them have pretty similar gameplay but different enough at the same time to distinguished individually, so what’s the big deal?

Here’s a complete breakdown how are they similar/different from their counterpart:

While there are plenty of technical details that differs the game from one another, both of them revolves the same gameplay which makes it a fun free-to-play portable Moba games for everyone to enjoy.

Which one will you be more tempted to play after this? Will it be MLBB or AOV? Share your opinion & let us know which of the 2 games would you rather be playing.

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