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Biggest e-Sports Haven is in Jaya Shopping Center!

Biggest e-Sports Haven is in Jaya Shopping Center!
Mitchell Wong
on Tech & Games
Feb 8, 2018
5:18 pm

WHAT: This is the place to be for all you mega hardcore e-gamers. Battle Arena has finally launched and oh boy, this place is HUGE! We're talking 1,700-square-feet cyber cafe castle, making this the biggest in Southeast Asia.

  • There are 114 high-end gaming PCs, and even VIP Rooms for pro teams to train and strategise. 

WHERE: Jaya Shopping Center, on the highest floor. Directly across the hall of TGV Cinema.


RATES: It depends on the time, but lowest rate charge starts at RM 5/hour.

MYC! Review & Opinion of the Human Interest Story: This place looks so tempting that if you figure that MYC! has been slow on news and stuff, you would probably find us there. Just jokin' boss..hehe. ehem...